Becoming a more Thoughtful Ape

Lessons from Plato on thought processes and reasoning

Name me a smart person who did something revolutionary in the last 10–20 years.

To be smart, make smart decisions

One of my mentors made the argument that thoughtful decision making and knowing key information follows after making the right decisions to become a more knowledgable person. He roughly gave smart his own definition as follows:

Plato and human reasoning

There’s a reason why philosophers after Plato were once referred to as “footnotes to Plato”. From his youth, Plato began as the student to Socrates and is to this day the main trusted source for any written information on Socrates thoughts, ideas, and life history.

Lessons from Grade 9

I was thinking back on my experience in the 9th grade, which is the first year of high school where I’m from in Canada. I’m sure many of us weren’t the brightest people at age 14, I definitely wasn’t exceptional myself…

Becoming the “thoughtful ape”

Knowing that reacting from one thing to the next is a common way of living that we see people live by, it begs the question as to how can we ourselves get better at using reason to make better decisions? How do we get smarter?

  • Asking yourself “what do I want?” when it comes to the outcome of your decision. Defining your intentions in front of you is so key to actually determining what you want.
  • Then consider what your options are, and make a judgement call based on what you want and how other people/things are affected by your decision.

Key Takeaways and Final Thoughts

There is no reason not to live with intention and reason in our day to day lives, assuming we want to become the best possible versions of ourselves in this lifetime.

  • By then being intentional with becoming mindful in the moment in our day-to-day
  • Finally by being thoughtful about what we want and does our decision will align with that, as well as how our decision affects other people or factors.

Undergraduate builder & researcher @UofT in the crossroads of computer science, immunology, and genetic engineering.

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